Sports and Health

Albert Einstein said there are only three things which he can say are "the absolute" in this world. Recently,even that seems to be uncertain. As for the development of science and medicine, today's common sense might be absurd tomorrow too, because of the rapid progress. It is not knowing these things that is the most terrible.What we do for our health is sometimes bad for it.And so is food. Can we maintain a healthy body if we live in a naturally unhealthy environment? It's always doubtful.


My home site is MIKOMOTO Is.in Minami Izu. I go diving mostly there except for vacations. It is a fascinating site though the sea is often rough and the current is fast too. I've had experience in a 5mm-2piece in 14 degrees celsius before, though I usually dive only in the season when water temperature exceeds 20 degrees C. because I don't like dry suits. Usually I go on a vacation with my wife. I will introduce some Logs, stories and photographs.


Even when I practice it, I don't make progress easily. When I go to the course, it isn't enjoyable either. What a very strange sport. Can you say golf is a sport at all?

Horseback Riding

The age when we rode the horse instead of the car will come again.Such an isolated site will be created artificially and the area will expand gradually, as the non-smoking seats, which were few before, but now occupy most or all of the vehicles and buildings. But in the case of the horse,It will take a long time, because large-scale infrastructure re-building is necessary.All utilities and the railroads will be underground, and we won't see the cars and the electric poles at all on the ground.It is only innumerable horse excrement that will be there. ;-)

Shows and Plays / Sparetime and Vacation

It is about 30 times a year that I see musicals and plays. I write something if I feel like it. If I were an actor,I think I would want to take a rest for about one week after only one performance.
If you ask Japanese people "What do you like to do in your spare time?" Most Japanese will answer "video games and net surfing", "When I can take a vacation,I go on a trip." So do I. I want to have a more unique story.


Recently, though large-scale outdoor concerts have become common, we get tired very easily. On the other hand at inside concerts, My waist and hips sometimes become painful. The chairs are hard, though the sound is wonderful in such cases as Tokyo Opera-City and Suntory-hall. However, I will fall a sleep quickly if there are comfortable seats.

Dinner Shows

The word "dinner show" is English? It seems easier to understand for Americans that I reword it with dinner-theater. It is said that theater is all right even in a hotel. I go to a dinner show every year at Christmas time. It's difficult to get a good seat recently.


They can't do another take unlike television and the movies. Though there is failure once in a while, it serves to highlight what they do.


When I go abroad and am especially impressed, I write about that. A long story (no longer than one page.) is written once in a while too. I think that Japan will become a different country when we can take longer and more vacations.