Long Rides in Yufuin Highlands

We visited Yufuin for 4 days during Golden-Week, the most famous place for hot springs in Japan. It's said that it has the most kinds of water in the world and the water volume is no.2.The riding sites are actually located in Tsukahara, the village next to Yufuin village.When I rode there in March, I didn't take pictures because of the snowstorm, as I wrote about in the Kunisaki Peninsula's page.I took many pictures this time between canters.
You can get there from Tokyo by the following 2 ways of transportation.(approximate time)

1 airplane:Haneda-Ohita(1.5hrs) bus:Ohita-Beppu(1hr) cab:Beppu-the riding club(0.5hrs)
2 bullet train:Tokyo-Kokura(4.5hrs) limited express:Kokura-Beppu(1hr) cab:Beppu-the riding club(0.5hrs)
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