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We often go to south (equatorial) islands. and prefer the sea rather than the mountains.
We usually stay at the same hotel to take our time during the trip.
If possible, I don't like to see any Japanese in foreign countries.

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Japanese Islands

Zamami-Jima Is.

The coral reefs are the biggest and the most beautiful in the world, maybe.
It is 2 hours by boat from the main island of Okinawa.
It might be hard for a poor sailor.

Miyako-Jima Is.

IRABU region has a lot of interesting topography for diving such as caves, tunnels to the pond, cliffs and so on.
I was impressed with an anemonefish spawning. A spanish dancer which we saw at night was very big and beautiful.

Ishigaki-Jima Is.

This island has the limestone cavern called "RYUGOO".
For divers, the main attraction is the Manta ray.

I recommend YAESEN to try and buy as a gift YAESEN. It's a type of AWAMORI. Do you know AWAMORI? That's a very hard liquor like brandy.

Yonaguni-Jima Is.

Yonaguni is famous for the hammerhead sharks and the seabed ruins.
You can see very small horses grazing in the meadow.

Kume-Jima Is. 

TOMBARA...it has great visibility.
HATENOHAMA...snow-white sandbar

The main land of Okinawa

Since this is usually a transit island for me, I don't know about it.
Amami Oshima Is.

This island is too big to find island-features.
You must be careful about vipers at night.

Foreign Islands


In Waikiki you feel sort of like you were in Japan, because of the many Japanese, Japanese-Americans who can speak Japanese, and because Everything is the same as Japan.
But, salesclerks often pretended not to be able to speak Japanese.
We've got to be careful when we speak in Japanese.
However Maui Is., Hawaii Is. and Kauai Is. are rather American.
It's rare to see Japanese especially in Kauai Is..


We honeymooned.
The setting sun was very beautiful on Mana Is.

Time flies.


We stayed at The Jamaica Jamaica, which is a hotel located 1 hour by car from Montigobay.
We ate, drank, and enjoyed as much as we liked for 24 hours.
The strawberry cocktail was very good. D'ya like that?
There weren't any Japanese at all, so we enjoyed the foreign mood.
Half of the private beach was for the naked.


Only for diving

The Maldives

Marshall Islands

Borneo island Cozumel
New Caledonia


Las Vegas

My wife has been there a couple of times. It's all same as you know from the flicks and TV.
There are many kinds of entertainment such as casino, golf etc..
But she's said it's awfully hot.
When she played golf, it was 40 degrees C.

New York

I love Manhattan,
Apple-pie ordered streets and old high-rise buildings.
Central Park was large beyond my expectation, while Wall Street disappointed me.
After seeing the musical "CATS" at times square, it was already 1 o'clock in the dead of night. On the way to the hotel, I lost my way and nobody was there and everywhere was silent. It's dangerous for foreigners to walk at night.
All meals are big sized.
For Japanese a la carte is just right for 2.

La Paz

La Paz is famous for whale sharks and schools of hammerhead-sharks. Many divers want to go diving there at least once. The facilities are not as good as a resort. But it's enough to sit back and enjoy the holidays.
For many generations, people have lived there. I've heard the security is maintained very well.

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is the region with both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, it is a brand-new resort
that has been developing with American capital.
As for the best resorts in Mexico, it is said Los Cabos in the west and Cancun in the east.


Not only Niagara, but also anywhere in Canada, is grand.


My wife likes to go shopping at Shanzellize.
All countries in Europe are rural.


Do you like to play with koala bears and batman?

It's terribly muggy. My glasses were often clouded.
Hong Kong

It smells in the town. I didn't want to go out from the hotel.
Washington, DC

Boston Cancun