Long Rides in the Kunisaki Peninsula

Only 2 rides for 3 days......We had a plan to take 4 long rides at least in Oita Prefecture from Mar.3 to 5.The Kunisaki Pen.on the 3 and the Yufuin Highlands on the 4 and 5.On the first day the weather was so so and we enjoyed the riding.The next morning we were very excited that the course was rough and winding.The guide said riders were spilled very often.If you stayed for the riding there for a couple of weeks,you might be a very good rider.Unfortunately it began to snow at around 11 o'clock and got heavier and heavier.So we could not ride in the afternoon.The weather on the last day was beautiful,but the snow covered the road.We gave up on riding and went to a spa.Oita Pref. is famous as a hot spring region and for SEKI-SABA(mackerel) and SHIROSHITA-KAREI(butt).The pix below are at the Kunisaki Pen.The landscape is similar to Uchinada in Kanazawa,but the length of the beach is much shorter,about 400m or so.
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