at Noumea

On the way to Marabou, which is the northern part of New Caledonia, for diving my wife and I had a chance to go horseback riding. Mr.Tominaga who is the manager of blue lagoon, arranged it for us. We had a 1 hour long ride. It was a ranch next to OUENGHI golf course, 20 minutes from Tontouta airport. We could borrow only riding helmets there. We hadn't prepared for riding at all. So we rode like in the pix below. I,wore a pair of short pants, and welted my calves. I had known I would, I realized anew how important equipment is. But it was a very good experience that we could ride at a canter in the river and through the woods. After that, Mr.Tominaga showed us around Noumea. We had lunch at a charcoal burner pizza parlor and he took us to Magenta airport. It was a very lucky and fruitful time. We had not decided what we should do for killing time. I wanted to express my appreciation to Mr.Tominaga. By the way, we couldn't see any white men at all at Magenta airport and the number of passengers for Malabu was 2, only us. We were getting a little bit nervous. But the diving in the unknown sea from the next day was very exciting.

8/10 20:40 成田発
8/11 07:10 ヌーメア/トントゥータ国際空港着
  09:00 ウェンギー着
  10:00 外乗開始
  11:00 外乗終了
  14:15 マジェンタ空港着
  15:15 マジェンタ空港発
  16:40 コネ着
  18:30 マラブ・ビーチ・リゾート着