"Iriomote-Jima Is."@Summer Vacation in 2003

Schedule @8/10 (sun) ` 8/16 (sat)
Accomodation @8/10@Hyper Hotel Ishigaki-Jima
@8/11`@Huana House Inn
Dive Shop @Waterman

fish ray's coupling coral wake

We stayed in Ishigaki-Jima Is.. The hotel was near the port.We had dinner at "Hunakura no Sato".We had a 40 minute massage before we went to bed. It cost 4000yen each. I thought it's expensive, almost the same as in Tokyo.
We went to Hunaura on Iriomote-Jima Is. by Anei-Kankou ferry,which departed at 10. it took about 40 minutes. it was very calm.since i called toibu, who is master of the Inn, moldivian, before leaving Ishigaki-Jima Is.,he came to the port to pick us up. It took several minutes by car to the Inn. After arriving there, we opened our baggage and unpacked. It was around 12. We had him take us to a soba-shop nearby.After returning to the Inn, we took it easy, it was around 4, Harumi who is a staff member of Waterman and Mr. tokufs wife was there. Waterman is the name of the diving service shop. She is very pretty.She came to Iriomote from New Caledonia this spring. Before she moved to New Caledonia, she used to work for a horseback riding club for 10 years and had her own horse. Recently she has been into marine sports , such as wake boarding, kite boarding, and so on. Then, we met toku for the first time in 1 year, he was as much a muscle man as ever. It seemed that he got bigger. When we had met in New Caledonia last year, he had had a plan to open a shop in Iriomote. He brought it to fruition and works very hard.He told me that michel , who we also met in New Caledonia , had gotten married and had a child. I was very surprised to hear that. I knew time flies, but I realized that 1 year would be enough to do something if we had the will.
We made 1 dive as a test of gear this day.
Site/Kasumi no Ne Weather/fair to rainy shower Temp./33c Water temp./29c
Dive time/46min Max Depth/17.0m Average Depth/10.5m
We were picked up at 9. It takes 3 minutes to Uehara port. We had 1dive in the morning and had lunch on a nearby island,.We had 1 dive in the afternoon.

yThe first divez
Site/Barasu Higashi Weather/fair Temp./33c Water temp./29c
Dive time/62min Max Depth/25.5m Average Depth/10.3m
There was a very comfortable current in the secont half of the dive.

yThe second divez
Site/Rorieta Point Weather/fair Temp./33c Water temp./29c
Dive time/63min Max Depth/7.0m Average Depth/4.2m
It was getting cold after 50 min..

yThe first divez
Site/Saba Zaki Weather/fair Temp./33c Water temp./28c
Dive time/- Max Depth/- Average Depth/-

yThe second divez
Site/Sakiyama Azami Sango Weather/fair Temp./33c Water temp./29c
Dive time/62min Max Depth/18.4m Average Depth/8.5m

Wake board
It was owr first experience. While it's very difficult to stand on the board for me, my wife could do it easily. Toku said that generally, women could do it. Anyway it was very interesting and we were more exhausted than we had thought before, espescially our arms. We should put our arms near our body and use our back muscles. We thought we would have liked to glide like Harumi.

yThe first divez
Site/Barasu Nishi no Nishi Weather/fair Temp./33c Water temp./28c
Dive time/51min Max Depth/24.3m Average Depth/13.4m
4 rays which are named Izu-Hime-Ei appeared and 2 of them began to mate.

yThe second divez
Site/Hatoma Nantou Weather/fair Temp./33c Water temp./29c
Dive time/50min Max Depth/26.3m Average Depth/15.8m

Wake board
We made the girl who wanted to do a 3rd dive change her mind. We went wake boarding. After finishing the boarding, she got into it. I think everybody must do that.

yThe first divez
Site/Tokakin Sone Weather/fair Temp./33c Water temp./28c
Dive time/59min Max Depth/19.8m Average Depth/13.1m

yThe second divez
Site/Barasu Kita Weather/fair Temp./33c Water temp./29c
Dive time/61min Max Depth/13.3m Average Depth/8.5m
5 kinds of clown fish can be seen here.

Wake board
I could glide very good at first today. But gradually I couldn't do it. Maybe I got tired. We saw Toku's dynamic boarding today. He seemed to be very excited.